Wraysbury 1 – 45 & 75 Acre Lake

W1 Nature Reserve is one of Britain’s most historic carp fisheries. Nestled near the village of Wraysbury in Surrey, a short 30 minute drive from London, the crystal waters of its lake provide a dream environment for superb colonies of common and mirror carp, perch, pike, tench, bream and eel. W1’s glittering history suggests big rewards for your time and patience. Wraysbury 1 is also home to Carp Team England and hosts many large events such as the World Carp Classic qualifier and BCAC finals throughout the course of the season.

W1 holds legendary status in the angling world and by the 1980’s and 1990’s was serving up a succession of huge carp weighing from 40lb to a massive 56lb+. Since the 1960’s, the water has seen many a record-breaking carp landed. Most celebrated was the 1996 capture of long-term resident Mary at a whopping British record of 56lb 6oz.

Along with other iconic specimens such as Mallin’s and The Pug, monster Mary is indelibly linked with this magical water – turning it from an ordinary lake into the stuff of angling legend. W1 has over 14 different 40Ibs fish including ‘King Fungus’ at an enormous 47Ibs 12oz. Is the best still to come? Learn more about the origins and great angling moments of W1.

RK Leisure’s commitment to the sport of fishing has been further extended with the announcement of the World Carp Classic qualifier and British Carp Angling Championships being held at the Wraysbury 1 venue. This collaboration will encourage and promote the sport of fishing, and the hope is to raise the profile and enjoyment in the sport among the young and old alike across the country.

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  • Venue Records

    500 Carp
    Common Carp 44+ Ibs
    Mirror Carp 48+ Ibs
    Pike 30+ Ibs
    Tench 15+ Ibs
    Perch 3+ Ibs

  • Fishery Info

    Address: Welley Road, TW19 5EP
    Fishery Size: 45 & 75 Acre Lake
    Number of Swims: 40 swims
    Season: 1st Apr – 15th March Annually
    Rod Limits: 3 rods
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