• Jones Pit Rules

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    1. All members are required to carry their membership card at all times. No fishing will be permitted without a valid membership card.
    2. You are permitted a maximum stay of 72 hours in one swim, after which you must vacate to a different swim and not return to the same swim for 96 hours.
    3. No rods can be left unattended with baited hooks in the water at any time; you must wind in if you wish to leave your rods. Rods will be considered to be unattended if any angler is further than the next adjoining swim. Baited hooks are not to be left out of the water.
    4. 3 baited rods may used between 01 November and the 15 March, otherwise only 2 baited rods may be used.
    5. On arrival all members have 60 minutes once bucketing a swim. After 60 minutes the members either enters that swim or his bucket will be removed.
    6. You are permitted to be away from your swim for no longer than 90 minutes, after which time you must remove your tackle and vacate the swim. If a member is bivvied up on one lake he/she is not allowed to fish another lake.


      1. When fishing for carp and catfish you must comply with the following:
        • Line must be a minimum of 18 lbs breaking strain.
        • No treble hooks or double-hook rigs are allowed  (see note on pike fishing below).
        • Landing nets must be a minimum of 50”, ideally larger.
        • No catfish or carp may be retained at any time or by any means.
        • No live baits may be brought onto the fishery.
        • Unhooking mats must be padded and a minimum of 6ft long by 2ft wide and 3″ thick, you can use two mats in conjunction for this.
        • Weigh slings minimum 5 feet in length for catfish.
        • Korda Carp Care or other suitable fish care solutions must be used on hook holds or abrasions.
        • All fish landed must be returned to the water as soon as possible.
        • Rig checks may be carried out at any time by Bailiffs or RK Leisure management.
        • Pike fishing – wire traces and trebles can be used between 01 December to 28 February.
        • Members must have a current Environmental Agency rod license.
      2. Any fish found distressed, diseased or dead should be reported to the Head Bailiff or RK Leisure office on 020 7534 0540.
      3. No fish are to be removed from the venue or transferred between waters within the venue. RK Leisure will ban and seek to prosecute anyone found doing so.
      4. All fish, irrespective of size and species should be treated with the same respect and catches of all species should be reported to Bailiffs upon request.
      5. The use of sacks for fish retention is prohibited.
      6. The use of buoyancy retention slings are allowed, please respect this and only retain the fish for as short a period as possible. Bailiffs have the right to change this rule as they see fit depending on conditions.
      7. No leadcore or unleaded product leaders to be over 1 metre in length.
      8. Bait boats are not allowed.
      9. Bailiffs have the right to ask to examine any vehicle on company property, to ensure fish are not being removed, transferred illegally or stolen.
      10. Net dip tanks are in place, please use these if fishing other waters.


        1. You must close AND lock the fishery gates behind you at all times.
        2. No vehicles may be parked on the road verges outside the fishery. Anyone found doing so will lose their permit. If they are a visitor the person they are visiting will also lose their permit.
        3. Toilet facilities are provided and must be used. Please leave them as you wish to find them!
        4. No litter will be tolerated.
        5. Please keep your keys and access cards safe, £10 will be charged for replacement of lost keys or access cards.
        6. Dogs are permitted on the fishery but owners must keep them on a lead and under control, clean up any mess and be with them at all times. Dogs out of sight are out of control. Any aggressive dogs will be banned from the complex for the safety of all members.
        7. No barrows, porters or other tackle transporters may be left on the venue between sessions. They must be removed when you leave the venue or stored in the designated areas.
        8. Anyone found tampering with the throw lines will lose their ticket. If you notice that a line has been removed or damaged, please report it to a Bailiff or contact the RK Leisure Office on 020 7534 0540.
        9. A strict speed limit of 5 mph must be adhered to on the whole complex.
        10. All buildings are non-smoking and members are only allowed access to member designated areas.
        11. No fires allowed. Barbeques must be off the grassy areas.
        12. Tracks only to be used for dropping and collecting tackle. Tracks are not to be used after dark. Please park back in car parks after drop offs and pick ups.


        1. No visitors are allowed on the complex without being accompanied by their associated member.
        2. Visitor fishing tickets are available at a cost of £20 for 24 hours. Only two visitors allowed on the venue per day. Visitors must fish in the next available swim to their associated member. All guests must be booked on PRIOR to fishing with RK Leisure office on 020 7534 0540.
        3. Members are permitted a maximum of 1 guest at any time and for a maximum of 4 nights per season.
        4. Non fishing visitors must be announced to the RK Leisure office prior to arrival either by email or telephone.
        5. Visitors that have not purchased Visitors Cards must have arrived to the complex in the vehicle of their associated member.
        6. Visitors may only fish with two rods.
        7. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their guests adhere to all rules.
        8. Visitors must have the correct equipment, landing nets and unhooking mats etc.
        9. No visitors are allowed on weekends during April, May, June and July.


        1. A maximum of two rods may be used from 1 April to 31 October and 3 rods from 01 November to 15 March.
        2. Remote control boats are not permitted.
        3. Tree climbing is not permitted due to the dangerous nature of many of the trees.
        4. Bivvies must be placed in the swims and not on the grass banks.
        5. Boats – under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is anybody allowed onto the lake in a boat. Should you get a fish weeded or snagged please find a Bailiff to assist, however if you put your rod down and be patient – in most cases the fish will swim free – never be impatient and please DO NOT PULL FOR A BREAK!
        6. No wading or swimming.


      1. Permit holders under the influence of alcohol, drugs or solvents will be removed from the venue by the police.
      2. Please be sensible, enjoy your fishing on Jones Pit and allow others to do the same. You will lose your membership if you do not.
      3. RK Leisure reserves the right to amend rules at any time. All decisions made by management are final. RK Leisure and management will not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury to person, property or vehicles, however caused whilst using these premises.
      4. Please respect other anglers. If you are unsure of swim’s water then please ask.
      5. All gates must be closed and locked immediately after entry or exit.
      6. Bailiffs are authorised to confiscate the permit of any permit holder who is considered to be endangering their own, or any other person’s safety, by being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, solvents, etc., and to remove them from the fishery.
      7. Bailiffs reserve the right to administer an official warning or temporarily suspend a member while allegations of wrongdoing are investigated.
      8. No firearms of any kind are allowed onto the venue at any time, including airguns and crossbows.
      9. Under no circumstances does RK Leisure offer any refunds.
      10. All anglers must be in possession of a current EA rod license. Failure to do so will resort in a ban.
      11. Drones are not permitted.