The Horton Church Lake – 15 Acre Lake

The Horton Church Lake is one of our highest profile angling waters. Countless famous anglers have pitted their fishing wits against the historic Church Lake carp and the history of the lake certainly adds a unique attraction to the venue.

The lake holds over 100 carp, 16 over the 40 Ibs mark with at least 31 fish breaking 35 lbs. Also inhabiting the venue are a number of grass carp. The icing on the cake being an individual fish that did hold the British record for the species before it was non-classified, in excess of 52lb. This is one huge-finned torpedo and boy does it put up a fight! The Horton Church Lake is by no means an easy challenge, though the few that get it right can reap the rewards.

Some of the famed fish include “Tetley’s Common” which last came out just over the 40lb mark. This fish has disappeared and reappeared with gaps of over two years and more. Then there’s the ever-special Missing Mirror. This is by no means a huge fish but the fact it has only been out twice in 16 years says just how elusive this fish can be. Could this be one of the hardest fish in the country to catch?

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  • Venue Records

    100 Carp
    Common Carp: 42+ Ibs
    Mirror Carp: 50+ Ibs
    Grass Carp: 52 + Ibs
    Pike: 37+ Ibs
    Tench: 11+ Ibs
    EELS: 7+ Ibs

  • Fishery Info

    Address: Stanwell Road, Horton, Sl3 9PJ
    Fishery Size: 15 Acre Lake
    Number of Swims: 35 swims
    Rod Limits: 2 Rods 1st Apr – 31st Oct
    Rod Limits: 3 Rods 1st Nov – 15th March
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  • Horton Church

  • Gallery: Horton Church Lake