Kingsmead 1 – 30 Acre Lake

Kingsmead 1 is quickly becoming one of the premier big fish waters in the country. The lake is home to approximately 200 carp, with at least 60 of these going over 30lb and more than 14 going over 40lb to target from this superb water. These include a number of big commons. K1 is also home to two 50lbs+ mirror carp – ‘Starry’s’ at 54lbs 14oz, this is a complex record at Horton and ‘The Scarred Mirror’ at a weight of 52lbs 3oz. The largest common carp in the lake is ‘The Upfront Common’ who weighs in just over 44lbs.

Kingsmead 1 members have full use of all the facilities at Horton including the superb lodge, shower and toilets. The fishing on Kingsmead 1 can be tricky at times, however, extremely rewarding if the angler puts in the time and effort.

Regular anglers and bailiffs recommend a stealthy approach and good observation, with many captures coming from casting at showing fish and single hook baits. Both of these will help produce those extra takes. Most people struggle when beginning on this lake but do not give up! Once you get into the swing of how fish react, some very good sessions will be had.

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  • Venue Records

    200 Carp
    Common Carp: 45+ Ibs
    Mirror Carp: 54+ Ibs
    Roach: 2.15 Ibs
    Pike: 29+ Ibs
    Tench: 11+ Ibs
    Perch: 3+ Ibs

  • Fishery Info

    Fishery Size: 30 Acre Lake
    Address: Stanwell Road, Horton, Sl3 9PJ
    Number of Swims: 38 swims
    Rod Limits: 2 Rods 1st Apr – 31st Oct
    Rod Limits: 3 Rods 1st Nov – 15th March
    Click here for Rules

  • Horton Kingsmead 1

  • Gallery: Horton Kingsmead 1