The Horton Boat Pool – 6 Acre Lake

The Horton Boat Pool, situated on the Horton Complex, is a small but very secluded, specialist catfish venue with a good number of large carp.

The lake stock is approximately 50 carp up to the 45lbs+ pound mark and 60 catfish up to 92lbs+. Anglers have the chance to fish for true British bred catfish, not imported specimens. This is one of only a handful of lakes in the country set out to be an exclusive venue for this sought after species. The largest carp in the Boat Pool is a common carp who weighs in at 46lbs 4oz.

Fishing on the Boat Pool for catfish can be hectic at times, but as a rule, the fishing is very steady. On average 3-5 fish are caught every week, both catfish and carp, although during the summer months catches of up to 20 fish per week are not uncommon.

The fish change their preferences so it always pays to be ready to change different set ups and baits which include natural fish baits, pellets and even boilies. Many of the regulars tend to fish with one rod rigged up with dead baits and the second rod out using pellet or boilies. This gives them the added chance if the fish are playing hard to get.

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  • Venue Records

    60 Carp and 50 Catfish
    Catfish 90+ lbs
    Common Carp 44+ lbs
    Mirror Carp 34+ lbs
    Grass Carp 40+ lbs
    Pike 15+ lbs
    Tench 10+ lbs

  • Fishery Info

    Address: Stanwell Road, Horton, Sl3 9PJ
    Fishery Size: 6 Acre Lake
    Number of Swims: 22
    Rod Limits: 2 Rods 1st Apr – 31st Oct
    Rod Limits: 3 Rods 1st Nov – 15th March
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  • Horton Boat Pool

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