Wraysbury 2

With 140 acres of mirror-glass waters just 30 minutes from London, Wraysbury 2 (W2) is widely regarded as one of Britain’s finest carp waters.

Enfolded in meadows and woodland like its neighbour, W1-Wraysbury Reserve, this stunning venue stands out for its relatively unknown fish, which include carp, pike, tench, bream and perch.

Over 20 acres bigger than W1, this beautiful water holds good heads of common and mirror carp, including around a dozen that weigh in at over 40lb all hiding amid the shallow bars, snag-ridden corners, weed-covered expanses and wooded bays.

With all this to offer and more, W2 offers huge potential for anglers willing to invest their time and effort. And its attractions go far beyond fish. A world-designated nature reserve for wintering wildfowl, W2 is a haven for flora and fauna, providing everyone who fishes here with a peaceful and uplifting escape from the outside world.

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  • Venue Records

    400 Carp
    Common Carp 43+ Ibs
    Mirror Carp 41+ Ibs
    Pike 30+ Ibs
    Tench 12+ Ibs
    Perch 3+ Ibs

  • Fishery Info

    Address: High Street, TW19 5DF
    Fishery Size: 140 Acre Lake
    Rod Limits: 3 Rods.

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