• Wraysbury 2 Rules

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    1. All members are required to carry their membership cards at all times.
    2. You are permitted a maximum stay of 4 days/96 hours in one swim, after which you must vacate to a different swim and not return to, or re-bucket the same swim for 48 hours.
    3. Similarly, if you fish a swim for 3 days/72 hours and vacate it, you cannot return to, or re-bucket that swim for 24 hours.
    4. You are permitted to be away from the venue for no longer than 180 minutes, except under special circumstances and by prior arrangement with management or one of the Bailiffs.
    5. On arrival all members have 60 minutes once bucketing a swim to decide to fish there or not. After 60 minutes the member either enters that swim or his bucket should be or can be removed.
    6. During their session, an angler wishing to move into another swim once it has been vacated, can only place a bucket in one other occupied swim.


    1. When fishing for carp you must comply with the following:
      • Line must be a minimum of 15lb breaking strain.
      • No treble hooks or double-hook rigs are allowed.
      • Korda Carp Care or other suitable fish care solutions must be used on all hook holds and abrasions.
      • All fish landed must be returned to the water soon as possible.
      • Rig checks may be carried out. No bent hooks, double hook rigs, fixed leads or long shank curved hooks are permitted.
      • Any fish found distressed, diseased or dead should be reported to the RK Leisure office on 020 7534 0540.
    2. No fish are to be removed from the venue or transferred between waters within the venue. RK Leisure will ban and seek to prosecute anyone found doing so.
    3. All fish, irrespective of size and species should be treated with the same respect and catches of all species should be reported to Bailiffs upon request.
    4. The use of sacks for fish retention is prohibited. The use of buoyancy retention slings are allowed, please respect this and only retain the fish for as short a period as possible. Bailiffs have the right to change this rule as they see fit depending on conditions.
    5. Leadcore leader and ‘unleaded’ product leaders may be used but they must be no longer than 1.5m in length.
    6. Particle baits must be properly prepared prior to use and should be used in sensible quantities and not to excess.
    7. Barbed hooks only.
    8. Bailiffs have the right to ask to examine any vehicle on company property, to ensure fish are not being removed, transferred illegally or stolen.
    9. Baited hooks are not to be left out of the water.
    10. No rods are to be left unattended with baited rigs in the water at any time, rods will be considered to be unattended if any angler is further than the next adjoining swim.


    1. All boats must be rigid with a minimum of two flotation chambers. No inflatable boats to be used under any circumstances. Recommended boats: BIC 252 or 245 if unsure please check before purchasing a boat.
    2. No boat may be used during the hours of darkness in any circumstances whatsoever.
    3. The use of alcohol or drugs by boat users will not be tolerated. If you are over the legal limit to drive then do not use a boat. Anyone found abusing drink or drugs will have their ticket confiscated and will face a life time ban and possible prosecution.
    4. Boats can be left in the station car park area, but RK Leisure will not be liable for any damage or theft.
    5. A lifejacket must be worn at all times whilst using a boat. A buoyancy aid is not permitted. There are no exceptions to this rule whatsoever. The minimum requirement is an automatic inflation jacket approved to c.e, m.s.a, or similar specifications and approvals. Such lifejackets are available from chandlers and good tackle shops.
    6. You should be aware of the risk involved in using a boat at all times, RK Leisure will be pleased to offer further safety advice if required but it is your responsibility to ensure that you take the necessary precautions. Your life is valuable, be sensible and be safe. A breach of any of the above regulations will result in your permit being withdrawn.
    7. No angler may use a petrol outboard to power their boat. Only electric motors or oars are permitted.
    8. Prior to using a boat for the first time that season, all anglers must sign a disclaimer regarding their use. In addition all boats and life jackets must pass a safety inspection carried out by one of our Bailiffs. The integrity of the vessel as well as the condition and readiness of the life jacket will be inspected and if any problems are found you will not be permitted to use a boat on the fishery until this has been rectified.
    9. No visitors are allowed on the fishery unless they are in possession of a valid visitor’s permit. Please see rules under ‘visitors’ section above.
    10. Anyone found tampering with the throw lines will lose their ticket. If you notice that a line has been removed or damaged, please report it to a bailiff or contact the RK Leisure office on 020 7534 0540.
    11. All boats must display a valid boat inspection pass sticker. Anyone found using a boat without this pass or a signed disclaimer will be banned from all RK Leisure venues.


    1. Permit holders under the influence of alcohol, drugs or solvents will be removed from the venue by the police and will be banned from all RK Leisure venues. Bailiffs have the right to remove a member’s permit.
    2. Please be sensible, enjoy your fishing on the Wraysbury 2 Complex and allow others to do the same. Treat other anglers with the same courtesy and respect you would like to be treated with.
    3. All other RK Leisure angling rules as outlined in this document apply to all members.
    4. There is a 3 rod limit rule during the entire season.
    5. Wraysbury 2 is part of a SSSI and its upkeep and care of great importance. Therefore if you to wish to create a new swim on the venue, please do not do so without having first secured permission from the Head Bailiff. There is no exception to this rule.
    6. Given the nature of the venue and the volume of snags present, all members are expected to fish sensibly and safety with the welfare of the fish paramount and their first priority. Any anglers found fishing in a way deemed to be dangerous or irresponsible will be asked to cease and any repetition of the same conduct will result in a ban from all RK Leisure venues.
    7. RK Leisure reserves the right to amend rules at any time. All decisions made by management are final. RK Leisure and management will not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury to person, property or vehicles, however caused whilst using these premises.
    8. Please respect other anglers and swim boundaries. If you are unsure of a swims water then please ask a Bailiff.
    9. All gates must be closed immediately after entry or exit. All vehicles must be parked in designated car parks.
    10. Bailiffs reserve the right to administer an official warning or temporarily suspend a member while allegations of wrongdoing are investigated.
    11. No firearms of any kind are allowed onto the venue, including airguns and crossbows.
    12. RK Leisure has a no-refund policy.
    13. Due to the lack of facilities and amenities at the venue, as well as its status as a SSSI, anglers are expected to comply with a No Trace policy. All human waste is to be disposed of fully and hygienically without exception. Failure to do so will result in a lifetime ban from all RK Leisure venues.


    1. RK Leisure do not take any responsibility for any damage, loss or theft to any vehicles, fishing tackle or equipment whilst on the complex.
    2. All 10% deposits and memberships are non-refundable. Under no circumstances does RK Leisure offer any refunds.
    3. The Wraysbury 2 complex has a closed season between March 15th – April 1st.
    4. No fires allowed unless placed in a suitably designed fire pit or barbecue. Barbecues must not be placed directly on grassy areas.
    5. All anglers must be in possession of a current EA rod license. Failure to do so will resort in a ban.
    6. Drones are not permitted.


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